The strategic location of the PSG Children’s School in a densely populated locality facilitates easy accessibility.

The structure and design of our school building are unique and age-appropriate, with a spacious quadrangle meant for several activities such as morning prayers, yoga/dance classes, and other functions and exhibitions.


Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms

16 ICT enabled classrooms are the backbone of the school’s infrastructure, decorated with colourful teaching aids and learning materials to attract young learners.



The Library plays an important role in the learning process of the children, as it is an essential and integral part of the school’s infrastructure.

It provides a quiet and serene ambiance conducive to learning for both the teacher and the taught. It has several thousands of books, magazines and newspapers which are regularly updated and augmented.

Computer Lab

It sparks the imagination, innovation and creativity of the children in producing outstanding results in application based projects. It serves as the nerve centre for the entire teaching learning process, which includes both classroom teaching and laboratory classes.

ICT Facilities

The Resource Centre and AV room aid the teaching-learning process. The Resource Centre for teachers is equipped with the interactive panel, visualizer/projector and ICT tools. These are used to enhance the childrens’ learning experience by the use of ICT tools. Notes, flowcharts, drawings, and presentations are used in the course of teaching and saved for later use to be accessed as and when required. Children are made to actively involve themselves through presentations using the whiteboards.

In-Service Training

In-service training provides support to keep pace with the dynamic nature of learning and pedagogy in school education. These programmes are organized regularly and provide teachers with opportunities for continuous professional development, enabling them to share contemporary pedagogical best practices and acquire appropriate skills needed to fulfill the stringent present requirements.

Science Innovation Lab

In our Science Innovation Lab children learn through experience.They are achieve participants in experiments designed to teach key concepts of Science and technology. Science Innovation Lab consists 3D machine , Robotics and Drones which are informative and easy to grasp.

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