Competitions / Programs

Drawing Competition





The aim of the drawing competition is to engage children in a creative excercise to identify their hopes and dreams of the future on 25th July 2019.

Food Day – 16.10.2019

Standard I & II


Think room day


Read and Success

SIP Academy has taken up an initiative on “Read and success “ by conducting reading assessment for our children of std II on 26.10.2019 and demo classes conducted for our teachers on 11.11.2019.




The Principal and teachers with the trainer Mr.Nighil (SIP Academy – Mi Kids)

Road Safety Awareness programme was conducted for the children of Stds III to V in PSGCS premises on 22.11.2019 and 07.02.2020 by the team “Uyir”, Mr.Vinayagamoorthi, Safety Training Officer. PPT was shown regarding Road Safety Awareness as well as “Physical Fitness”.

Various In-service Programmes conducted by the Secretary, N.C.Nandagopalan, to all the teachers (2019-2020).

Secretary, N.C.Nandagopalan, The Principal and the teachers of PSGCS attended the interactive panel demo class on 08.01.2020 conducted by Mr.Ranjith, Future Era Digital Solutions,Coimbatore.


Secretary of PSG Schools, the Principal and all the teachers of PSGCS attended the workshop “EDU INTECH 2020” at CODISSIA on 03.01.2020.

290 children and all the teachers benefitted by vaccinating DPT ( Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus ) organized by PSG Urban Health Centre on 20.09.2019.

Mrs.Sathya, the trainer of Karadipath, visited PSGCS and observed the classes on 12.11.2019.



Mrs. Shamly and Mrs. Sowmiya, the faculty members, 8 kindergarten children from our school attended the workshop on “ Early identification of developmental disorders in children” in PSG Hospitals, organized by the Department of Development a Behavioural Paediatrics on 18.10.2019.


Magic Show

Mr.Raman, A Magician, entertained our children by doing magic tricks on 15.10.2019.

Dr.Rathinasabapathy Head ( Rtd) , Department of English PSG CAS ,visited our school and interacted with our children of Std V on the topic “Making mild Suggestions” on 10.10.2019.




The puppet show was conducted by Mr.Palanivelraj on 8.11.2019.




Organized a session on “Parenting” for the parents of children from kindergarten by Mr.I.C. Govindaswamy, advisor of Sidha Naidu School on 12.10.2019.

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