Rules and Regulations

Parents are specially requested to go through the rules and regulations of the school carefully.

For the Parents

Parents are expected to co-operate in the working of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality & discipline in their wards and by taking interest in their progress.

Check the school diary every day and your signature is mandatory. Any communication sent to the parents by the teacher should be immediately acknowledged and responded to.

Ensure that the homework is completed by the child. Please do not do the homework for the child on any account whatsoever.

Parents and guardians are not allowed to see the children during class hours without the prior permission of the Principal.

Please notify the school of any change of address or telephone numbers.

If the child is suffering from an infectious disease, do not send the sick child to school. Please keep in mind the well being of the other children.

Requisition for any kind of certificate must be made one week in advance.

Parents are expected not to send their children wearing any valuable items. (Earrings, anklets, wristwatches, rings, etc.)

For the Children

The medium of instruction is English. It is obligatory for all to converse in English on the campus.

Children must bring their school diary and books every day according to the timetable and the H.W. Schedule.

All the children are expected to be clean and tidy, orderly and respectful both in school and in public places.

Take due care of the school property. Any damage caused to the equipment or to buildings should be reported immediately to the school staff and will have to be replaced or made good.

School Timings

Pre KG8.50 am to 12.00 pm
LKG & UKG8.50 am to 3.00 pm
Std I & II8.50 am to 3.15 pm
Std III, IV & V8.50 am to 3.30 pm

Parent’s Visiting Hours

Principal10.00 am to 11.00 am
TeachersPre-KG: 12.00 pm to 12.30 pm
For others: 3.30 pm to 4.15pm
Office9.00 am to 4.30 pm

Other Restriction

Fee Rules

Fees can only be paid on an annual or term basis.

Leave or Absence

Leave letter should be submitted in time to the class teacher. (Refer school diary….)

If a child falls ill, please do inform the school telephonically. The child must have a medical certificate on rejoining.

For long-planned absences, parents are requested to meet the Principal.


A Child who wishes to leave the school at the end of the academic year should submit the application for a Transfer Certificate 15 days in advance.

Parent-Teacher Meet

Parent-Teacher Meet (PTM) is organized after Mid Term I, II & III, Quarterly& Half Yearly.

During this session parents can meet each and every teacher to discuss the progress of their child’s learning, achievements, participation in co-curricular / extra-curricular activities, and difficulties faced. Parents must attend the meetings without fail.

Parent Drop and Pickup

Parents are instructed to drop and pick up their children on time. Prior information should be given to the school office when children are picked up by anybody else other than the parents.

Parents need to get prior permission from the Principal to pick up their children earlier. Parents are requested to bring the ID card given by the school without fail.

Dress Code

Wear neatly ironed uniform with washed socks and polished shoes on all working days.

A complete uniform along with an ID – card is a must.

Children are allowed to come in civil dress only when they are asked and on their birthdays.

Sports uniform must be worn on all working Fridays.


A close-cut hairstyle is to be followed.


Should have a short haircut / two plaits and black bands/clips are allowed to wear.

Avoid flowers and anklets.

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