Best Practices

Best Practices of PSG Children’s School, Peelamedu

1. True Leadership Quality –> Secretary of School –> to guide the Principal –> The school Principal as a leader and the Coordinators to guide
the teachers –> Dedicated teachers to guide the children.

2. Effective Communication (Karadi Path and MIKIDS – English Learning Programmes)

3. Attending Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) to enhance the skills and knowledge.(For example – Visiting the best schools)

4. Individual care to the children (especially Kinder Garten)

5. Variety of development areas – (Language, Physical Activity, Co-curricular and Extracurricular)

6. Facilitating classroom humour

7. Providing technical support for the virtual classes.

8. Reciting slokas and values every day

9. Practising discipline and healthy hygienic habits.


For example,
Water is the elixir of life. Water is a wise man’s drink. With the onset of the summer season, all of us should drink water for proper health. Though children are permitted to drink water at any time in our PSG Children’s school some children do not drink water. To ensure hundred percent compliance we have allotted specific time like 11.00 a.m in the forenoon session and 2.00 p.m in the afternoon session for the children to drink water after the long bell. Hundred percent compliance of hydration is ensured by this novel initiative.

10. PSGCS in Media – connected with Website, Facebook, YouTube, Times of India Newspaper and PSG Community Radio 107.08MHz, PSG Harbinger – The Quarterly Newsletter of PSG Institutions.

11. The Principal and the Academic Coordinators visited PSG Public Schools, Junior Wing on 28.06.2022 and 30.06.2022 to study their best practices.

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