From Managing Trustee’s Desk

“God gave us two ends – one to sit on and the other to think with, success depends on which one we use the most.” – Ann Landers

Everyone who became great never did it in the blink of an eye. This applies to everybody. Just think about people who have reached great heights due to their greatness. The actualization of your potentialities will help you reach the pinnacle of success.

Positive achievements have grounded us right through the academic years from the beginning, to adopt the world-class standards in every segment of learning.

The school provides quality learning for all. Children are mentally and physically groomed and are ready to enter a world of greater independence and opportunities in order to prepare themselves for the journey they are about to embark upon in the near future.

Dear children,

You are highly intelligent, vivacious, and possess unique talents and innovative ideas. Always strive for the best in life. The globe is yours since you are ready to experience, experiment and excel.

May you reach the pinnacle of success!

From Academic Advisor’s Desk

We take ‘Explore Enrich Excel’ as our motto to facilitate our children to look beyond next level of learning situation which includes “ICT” usage, cherishing local and national cultural heritage and family values so that children “live” the life experiences of wonder, joy and experience success.

We definitely need to give our children a high-tech-beyond next level “Gurukulam” in the hearts of our children to live better that would be my dream and we are determined to do that, for the benefit of our young children.

I am happy that the school is providing a complete, meaningful and relevant education to the children, so that they are intellectually well trained, morally upright, socially aware and spiritually inspired.

The school’s whole system of learning process aims at inspiring quality of life of the children and also helps to achieve professional excellence in future.

I wish all the best for the children, staff and the Principal of our school.

Best wishes!

From Secretary’s Desk

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” – Swamy Vivekananda


The education that we impart should strive to expose and highlight this manifestation so that each and every individual will feel the divinity in him / her and the same in all beings. When all our educational endeavours are made to do this noble task, the whole world is realised as “Vasudeiva Kutumbakam”. There will be inner peace in all and complete harmony in society.

From Principal’s Desk

Study while others are sleeping,    

Work while others do nothing,

Prepare while others are playing and dream while others are wishing,

Learn from yesterday,

Live for today,

Hope for tomorrow…

At our school, we provide ample opportunities to sharpen the child’s intellectual skills and they are self-directed towards the path of success through nonstop questioning.

We are delighted to provide quality educational programs that challenge, nurture and support the child’s development in all areas. The management fulfills all our needs for the development of the children. We are blessed to have highly qualified and dedicated teaching and non-teaching members who are smart working at the primary school level.

They are encouraged to participate in various workshops, semi(webi)nars, conferences, meetings, etc., to enrich and update their content, methodology, etc., in the field of education for self-development and the general development of their teaching.

We, The Principal, Teachers, and children salute our Managing Trustee L.Gopalakrishnan, and our Secretary N.C.Nandagopalan for the love they shower on us and their ‘fatherly’ guidance which makes our school a magnificently unique one in our district.

All the very best for an excellent future.

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