Extra Curricular Activities

Several extra-curricular activities are planned to carry out the children’s opportunities to pursue their interests of choice beyond the classroom. The children, supported by their parents, evince great interest in participating in all the extra-curricular activities. Several children have won accolades and awards at different competitions.


Yoga is about breathing which helps to be calm and refresh the body and mind. International Yoga Day is celebrated, where children perform different yoga postures and showcase their talents along with students of other PSG Institutions.

Weekly yoga training is provided on a regular basis for all the children by a qualified professional trainer.


A professionally qualified Karate Black Belt master, 5th DAN KAI trains all the children once in a week. Karate develops childrens’ self-awareness, confidence, optimism, stamina and self-defence capability.

Vocal Music

Vocal and instrumental music classes are conducted once a week by a teacher professionally qualified in classical Carnatic music.

Classical Dance

Children learn this dance form from a professional Bharathanatyam teacher who conducts weekly sessions. Well-trained children are provided a stage to showcase their talents to their peers by participating in various school functions and inter-school competitions.

Kutty Cops (Road Safety Patrol)

Kutty Cops is an initiative by the Tamil Nadu State police Department that educates children on traffic etiquette with the help of Road Safety Training Officer (Uyir Club)  from the Traffic Police Department and trained school teachers.

Kutty Cops programme is aimed at school children of Standards 3 to 8 to inculcate the importance of road safety awareness among young, impressionable minds.